Smarter LifeStyle Elegant Surgical Grade Steel Men’s Carbon Fiber Bracelet, Stylish Without Magnets

CARBON FIBER: Walk the line between Stylish and Modern with the our new carbon fiber bracelets. Carbon Fiber is used in both race car and aerospace design and is both functional and elegant.
NO MAGNETS: FINALLY a Carbon Fiber Bracelet designed to look great and fashionable, without unnecessary magnets underneath.
SURGICAL GRADE STEEL: Handcrafted with 100% True 316L Steel. Not the cheap stuff found in other ID bracelets. Polished finish that will not crack, peel, fade, rust, stain or corrode. Often used in surgical equipment and certain medical implants. Strong low-profile clasp that stays put.

$32.95 (as of April 17, 2019, 9:31 pm)

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